How High Should My TV Be?

Dated: 11/07/2018

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How High Should My TV Be?

Originally Posted on October 24, 2018

As a real estate agent, I often get these types of questions: How’s the local housing market doing? What’s the best time to sell my house? What can I do to get my house ready for listing? While these are pretty typical, I find that I also get some very interesting questions too – especially when I’m showing homes to buyers or when a seller is considering a home update or remodel to improve the value of their home.

Over the years, clients’ questions have prompted me to do further research and find answers. And now I get to share some of what I’ve learned through a series of blog posts that will cover a variety of obscure (yet helpful) topics – you never know when this info might come in handy. So, let’s start with your TV!

Believe it or not, how big your TV is and where to put it within a room can be important factors for home buyers. I’ve had clients who have short listed a home or eliminated one from consideration due in part because of where their TV would go – particularly in the family room. Should it be mounted above the fireplace? Can it fit in a built-in niche? How high is too high?  All of these questions and more are addressed in this comprehensive article I found on – it’s a great reference guide that outlines the different heights and circumstances for mounting your TV, but also considers the design and use of a room. Best of all, there are lots of photos to give you inspiration and ideas.

As always, let me know if you have any real estate or home-related questions that I can answer – I’m happy to help. Contact me at 512-230-4419 or via email at

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